A Sunday Horse - Family Horse Movie - DVD

A Sunday Horse - Family Horse Movie - DVD


Inspired by the true story of the talented, driven horse rider Debi Walden.
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ISBN: DVASHFormat: DVD PalRated: PGStarring: Linda Hamilton, Nikki Reed, William Shatner, Ryan MerrimanRunning Time: 108 mins approxDirector: Vic ArmstrongPublisher: Eagle EntertainmentYear Published: 2016DVD Region: 4: Australia & New ZealandAge Group: General
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Debi defies the odds against her - first, by becoming a top competitor in a field reserved for the wealthy, and then by surviving a near-fatal riding accident.

After the accident, on a horse the experts thought was nothing special, a determined rider from the wrong side of the tracks defies all the odds to pursue her dreams of winning the National Show Jumping Championship.

Fuelled by sheer force of will and fierce courage, Debi wins the US national jumping championship on a horse once slated for slaughter.

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